There's no outrunning a poor diet!

You can't say that you are really surprised can you? We all have an idea of what we need to avoid and what we should be getting more of, and yet...

So we think, we can just work out, we can walk more, do some HIIT training, put in more hours in the cardio room, or ramp up our weight work out. But the reality is - you can't outrun a poor diet. You need a plan, a plan that works with your everyday life, which takes into account your work/home/life schedule. A plan that includes REAL food, enough water and yes, vegetables and fruits, protein and fiber!

A recent article in Scientific American highlighted a study where researchers measured the caloric output of a group of hunter gatherers and compared that to a group of people living and working in a city. They were surprised to find that the difference in caloric output was minimal, that our bodies have an amazing ability to be efficient and adapt to our workload. Don't misunderstand me, exercise is important, for our health and vitality, and the researchers found that the difference in calorie burn from being sedentary to being active IS significant (about 200 calories) so getting active helps! But for weight loss your exercise takes a backseat to what you are putting in your mouth.

Here are some things I know, the fitness industry changes and I am pleased that Island Fitness invests time and money to educate our trainers to keep up with those changes; most people are aware of this and pay attention. But when it comes to nutrition, we often get stuck in a rut of old ideas and information. MUCH research and development in nutrition has been done, if you have not read anything in the last 5 to 10 years it may be time to revamp your thinking! Just as one example, coconut oil was thought and widely reported to cause high cholesterol. Only ten years ago, fat was considered the enemy. Now, nutritional science recognizes the importance of fat. A healthy balance of good quality fats (olive oil, avocado, walnuts and coconut oil) is essential for our metabolic and neurological health.

Our understanding of the body and how it uses fuel has grown. We want you to succeed. We want you to see the scale shift in your favor.

If you have been wanting to lose some weight. If you have experienced weight gain from stress, holiday eating, a move, an illness, or just life - perhaps it is time to get some new ideas and new information.

Our nutrition coaches use a whole food nutrition program. They tailor your program FOR YOU. We offer a FREE half hour nutrition coaching session so that you can experience coaching for yourself.

I know - you already KNOW what you are supposed to be doing right? Elizabeth says "Football players already know how to play football, that doesn't mean they don't need coaching to be a better player." We all need some direction, especially when we are ready for a change – new ideas, a sounding board, some encouragement, some accountability and of course someone to celebrate when we are successful!

by Carol O'Neill, Ortho-Kinetics Professional Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist