Train to Climb Testimonials

In many ways, the train-to-climb program far exceeded my expectations as, at the outset, I didn't quite comprehend how much my physical conditioning would improve and how important the journey of training, conditioning, and hiking/climbing experience would be compared to the stated goal of "climbing Mount Rainier". While seeing Mount Rainier each clear day from Bainbridge provides us with a sense of familiarity and emotional attachment to it, I discovered that, once seen up close and on top, it is its own awe-inspiring world with a unique beauty comprised of glaciers, crevasses, and surrounding peaks. The real challenge of reaching the summit brought a genuine appreciation for this magnificent volcano, which I shall view from now on differently than before. Instead of viewing its profile in full prominence, I now visualize snippets from the thousands of footsteps taken in the snow and scree along the trail and across crevasses that brought us to the summit (and back to Paradise).

Prior to climbing Mount Rainier, I always viewed its profile in panorama. Now, when I gaze at it, I visualize any number of the tens of thousands of steps taken at various points to reach Camp Muir, High Camp, top of Disappointment Cleaver, the crater and summit. I can appreciate its awe and magnificence much more than before. The journey taken during the training and during the climb was far more valuable for me than actually reaching the summit. Finally, a beer has never tasted so good than the one downed at the parking lot after completing the three day climb. ~George E. TtC 2011

The program literally changed my life. After years of little physical activity and knee problems, I was unconsciously losing hope that I could do strenuous activities or go on demanding adventures as I approached 50 years old. Training for this program and climbing Mt. Rainier totally changed this around for me. I feel somewhat limitless. I don't read about hikes wondering if I could hike that far or gain that much elevation, I now know I can! I feel like I emerged into my next phase of life with new hope. One of the biggest surprises was how people in so many facets of my life cheered me on in this endeavor, young and old. I was particularly touched by how much support I received from my teenage sons and their friends; it's not easy for a 50 year old mother to inspire her teenagers. I heard endless times how people were living vicariously through me. And I was really living it! I was living my passions through fear and fatigue, doubts and obstacles.This program was a great confidence builder for me especially in terms of how far I could push myself physically. I would do it again in a heartbeat. ~Debby H. TtC 2010

I joined this program looking for a 'lifestyle' change. I had jockeyed my desk for the four previous years and was in the worst shape of my life. I had also climbed in the past (out of state) but was looking to meet other individuals locally with an interest in hiking and climbing. I also saw this as an opportunity to get familiar with WA climbing conditions. The training program is completely dialed-in and had me ready for the climbs. The trainers were always there to answer questions. The Train-to-Climb program has changed my life and gotten me back on track in terms of my personal fitness. I feel better than I have in a long time. Even with the climb behind me, I have made many friendships and continue to hike and climb with many of my fellow 'summiteers'. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking high adventure and wanting to push themselves in achieving a goal. The view from the top is well worth the effort. Jared M. TTC 2010

I thought I was training to climb a mountain. In addition, I got in the best condition ever, learned about the world of "hiking and climbing", and faced a number of obstacles I would never have thought possible. Getting strong, in so many ways, is very powerful. Experiencing the natural beauty in summiting Mt. Rainier is worth the time and effort. ~Pam M. TtC 2010

Great program. My purpose for enrolling in T2C was two-fold: to increase my fitness routine and - as the cherry on top - to climb the state's highest peak that has loomed over me since childhood. I thought I was "working out" until I began T2C. The sessions with the trainers brought my training to a much higher level and enabled me to succeed in climbing Rainier. And... I had so much fun and reward in the program that I continue with my twice-aweek training sessions, and have climbed Rainier twice more!! Finally, T2C is also a great community/social program... and further serves to accentuate Island Fitness as kind of a "new town square" for Bainbridge Island. ~Tom W. TtC 200