Variety is Key!

Island Fitness Lead Trainer Loretta Stanton is convinced "Variety is the key to keeping our bodies and minds from becoming bored and on autopilot."

So many people wonder why they plateau in fitness or weight loss after about a month of doing the same eating and exercise routines. Stanton says, "Our bodies adapt to exercises within about six weeks of doing that exercise." For better results, she recommends "Changing your exercise routine will keep your body alert."

Most health specialists agree with her and insist that varying exercise workouts help prevent overuse injuries, boredom, and hitting a wall in fitness goals.

Loretta has lots of ideas to change our exercise routines. For instance, "If you are lifting weights, try changing the tempo of the exercise, the intensity of the exercise and the number of repetitions/sets. If you always go for a walk following the same route, reverse the route or find a new route to explore. Try taking a different class (or even try a different spot in the room of your regular class.)

If you're wondering about your own fitness challenges, form when working out, or just need help shifting your methods, consider working with IF staff members trained as specialists in Ortho-Kinetics.