Reformer Pilates at Island Fitness

What can you expect in a Reformer class?

Reformer sessions at Island Fitness will benefit you both physically and mentally. This low impact form of exercise has a strong focus on joint mobility and core stability. Exercises in a Pilates setting promote spinal stability, along with optimal movement patterns for the entire body. You may even discover small stabilizing muscles you never realized you had! Reformer Pilates was originally developed to assist people with various mat exercises that were too challenging. Working on the Reformer helped build the control, stability, and strength.

Trainerize exercises and Reformer Pilates classes:

Trainerize is a fitness app that provides videos demonstrating different exercises and information on how to complete these exercises correctly. All participants will be given Trainerize access to a set of mat exercises to work on when not in class. Participants can work on them on their own time, and in our Mat Pilates class offered as part of our group fitness schedule.

The Pilates Reformer is a spring-loaded piece of equipment. The springs are designed to give resistance or assistance to the user. There is a carriage that slides back and forth on an aluminum frame, manipulated by either a pulley system from the straps at the back of the reformer, or by pressing against the foot bar at the front of the Reformer while the rest of the body is stabilized on the carriage. Different exercises specific to the Reformer require different spring tensions to either support or challenge the user.

Jordan Wagner