Where's Bob?

This week's newsletter also contains a special treat: the sweetest love poem written by long-time Island Fitness member Beverly West, who recently celebrated her 92nd birthday, about her super-fit boyfriend Bob Royce, who is 95 and rarely misses a day at the gym. We give you permission to grow up to be like Bev and Bob!

Where's Bob?

I come home in rain and cold

The house is dark.

Where's Bob-

My 95-year-old boyfriend?

I needn't ask-

He's gone to the gym.  

You should see him

At the table.

Eats fried potatoes 

Every night.

Never an extra ounce

Of body fat

'Cause he goes to the gym.

Once he got pneumonia.

I listened from my cot

In Intensive Care-

4th day, I heard them say:

"95-it's touch and go-

Probably go."

"Maybe not-

He goes to the gym."

Later he needs spinal surgery

Full anesthetic-no way at 95.

"I'll take him," says Dr. Esterberg:

"He goes to the gym."

And finally,

When he meets his maker-

He won't be lying in pajamas-

This guy who goes to the gym.

~ Beverley W., Island Fitness Member

Kat Polo