We're as excited as little kids on Christmas, and can't wait to share our new toys with our members!

Have you checked out our new Freemotion Genesis Calf Machine? We're especially excited because we haven't seen any other calf machine that's as user-friendly, versatile, and allows you to create a progressive workout over time

It has independent, floating foot rests, so you have the option to strengthen one leg at a time, or both legs together. The pedals not only flex and extend, but also invert and evert. This gives you greater and more specific range of motion throughout the entire exercise, so you can address specific movement limitations that wouldn't be possible on traditional calf machines.

The Genesis Calf is easy to use: it has a one-step seat adjustment so it fits everyone, and the weight stack automatically adjusts the load 50% down when you're transitioning from two legs to a single leg so there's no need to reset the weights.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Kat Polo