Another Excuse Bites the Dust

18 December, 2013

Think it's too late to add years to your life? Studies say it isn't so.

Even if you're a late bloomer when it comes to exercise, don't let your couch-potato past stop you. Recent research found that sedentary women 65 and older who turned over a new leaf and got moving cut their chances of dying from cancer in half and from heart disease by a third. That's no small potatoes.

If you haven't moved a muscle in ages, put yourself on a walking program first -- aim for 30 minutes a day -- and make an appointment with your doctor for an exercise prescription. It should cover:

Type: Combines aerobic (stamina), strength, and flexibility exercise, but one type may be especially important for you.

Frequency: Lets you know how often you should exercise.

Intensity: Tells you how hard to push yourself. Basically, start at a comfortable level and work up from there.

Time: Sets a guideline for how long you should work out.

Progression: Helps you determine when to change what you're doing; set some step-by-step goals together.

Benefits: Makes clear what you can expect, and you'll understand the specific ways your routine will help your health.

After that, just follow doctor's orders.


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