How's your Enjoyment Factor?

20 June, 2014

Trainer Tip from Jillian Bateman.
Enjoyment is a major factor when it comes to sticking with your fitness routine.  It's not uncommon to see new members in the gym who plan to only use a few machines or limit their workouts to a specific exercises that never change. But over time this approach proves to be both ineffective and mind-numbingly boring. Boredom plus poor results lead to dropping out. So at least 75% of your exercise should be enjoyable! You might find enjoyment in a Group Fitness class with great music and new friends, or with a trainer who keeps things interesting and fun, or even in changing up your cardio machines regularly. Next time you're in the gym, SMILE!  You'll be surprised how much better it makes you feel, and you might just get a smile back!

~Jillian Bateman
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