Open Your Heart into Fall ~ Sherry Eckert, Yoga Trainer

09 November, 2015

Fall is all about slowing down after the busy summer season, allowing for a cooler, quieter time.  Restorative yoga is especially wonderful this time of year to allow for a deeper, relaxing practice focusing on full, deep breaths while the body is supported.

As the days get shorter and darker the body naturally wants to roll into itself causing the chest and shoulders to roll down and in.  A gentle, supported heart opening pose will help you recover from daily stresses and help keep the chest and shoulders relaxed and open.  It can also help to stimulate the blood flow to the thymus, an organ nestled behind the breastbone that is instrumental in the growth of T-cells which are needed for a strong immune system.

Sit on the floor and using a prop of either a rolled up beach towel, yoga mat, blanket or a bolster placed behind you on the floor, scoot up close with your low back touching the prop.  Lay back so that your prop moves along your spine and supports your head.  Be sure you are seated on the floor so that the prop supports the natural curve of your spine.  Take your arms out to the side with the palms rotating to face up and either extend your legs long along the floor, bend the knees and rest soles of the feet on the floor or allow the legs to release open and bring the soles of the feet to touch.  Close your eyes and let the body relax down into the support of the earth, taking long, full deep breaths and resting here for 5-10 minutes.  Then slowly rolling over onto your right side, take a couple of breaths before moving slowly up into a seated pose.

~ Sherry Eckert, Yoga Trainer

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