Muscle: Armor Against Stress

19 September, 2012

Your blood pressure returns to normal more quickly after a stressful event if your muscles are toned. Think of it this way: Muscles are like a defense shield for your arteries. And there are more ways to control high blood pressure.

High blood pressure -- something one out of every three people struggles with -- ups your risk for heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and kidney failure. Not a pretty picture. But fortunately, you can beat the odds with a few key everyday choices like:

Eating a healthful diet.

Exercising regularly.

Watching the scale.

Being firm and fit not only helps your blood pressure recover from stress better but also helps your body rid itself of sodium better -- that's another blood-pressure-friendly trick, because too much sodium can boost blood pressure. 

SOURCES: Relationship of body composition to stress-induced pressure natriuresis in youth. Wilson, M. E., Harshfield, G. A., Ortiz, L., Hanevold, C., Kapuka, G., Mackey, L., Gillis, D., Edmonds, L., Evans, C., American Journal of Hypertension 2004 Nov;17(11 Pt 1):1023-1028.

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