3 Tips for Better Plane Food

25 September, 2012

Plane food -- it can be bland, sure. But bad for your health, too?

You bet -- if you don't choose wisely. Planning ahead is the ticket. Here are three tips from Joanna Hall, author of The Weight-Loss Bible.

3 Quick Plane-Food Tips

To eat healthfully and stave off fatigue, Hall recommends these travel tips:

  1. Preorder your meal. You can often choose from low-fat, low-calorie, low-cholesterol, kosher, and vegetarian meals, according to Hall. But "watch out for the veggie option," Hall cautions, "as it is almost invariably high in fat."
  2. Plan some prior protein. Your last meal before traveling should contain a good balance of protein and starch, so you feel satisfied.
  3. Pass up the sweet and salty. If you must buy something at the airport, grab some chewing gum and a bottle of water. And avoid the salt- and calorie-laden nibbles at the airport bar.

SOURCES: The Weight-Loss Bible. Hall, J., London: Kyle Cathie Limited, 2007.

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