How do I choose a fitness program?

10 October, 2013

When choosing a fitness program, you want to find programs that fit your goals, abilities and interest levels so that you stick with it. Beginning with personal and physical assessments will help identify key areas that your program will need to include and will give you a baseline on where you started so later you can reassess to see how you are progressing. There are many different components of a fitness program that should be included to help you reach your goals and keep you motivated. These components include proper stretching, strength training, cardio training and nutrition. Also keep in mind that you want to build a strong foundation before you start adding heavy weights so you can become stronger and most importantly, avoid chances of injury. Whatever program you choose (whether resistance training, kettle bell training, Pilates, or training for a marathon) build your body from the inside out, beginning slowly with low to moderate intensity exercises and focus on building your muscle endurance by performing a higher number of repetitions for each exercise. This will help you increase your inner strength while working on your outer strength.


Wendy Batts, Fitness Expert

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