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A Gym for All Seasons

03 July, 2015

As we head into the height of summer the gym is happy to offer you AIR CONDITIONING! The reality is, we are creatures of the Pacific Northwest and not acclimated to working out in the heat. We've got you covered. Island Fitness offers a cool environment to get your work done so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather without the guilt.

In the spring I wrote an article touting our new AMT machines in the cardio room. We are so pleased that so many of you have found your way to them! They are a great low impact way to work on leg strength and cardio endurance. With their growth in popularity we are going to ask you to set your time for a 30 minute workout. If you wish to put in more time on the AMT, please switch to another machine (or opt to do some weight work) and then return to the AMT. This gives those who are waiting an opportunity to work in.

We moved the ARC trainers (with stationary arms) to the front of the cardio room to make way for additional elliptical trainers (yay!). We now have a good array of machines available at the front to accommodate members who do not wish to have a screen in front of them while they work out. If you are working on reducing your screen time, step up to the front of the room. An additional benefit will be natural sunlight exposure which is recommended for those with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

To help motivate you to stay on track over the summer we offer our SIZZLING SUMMER Event! And it begins next Wednesday July 1st. This is one of my favorite events at Island Fitness because it is easy, fun and free. Our goal is to celebrate you for coming in over the summer and not losing momentum! Sign up, come in, get your card initialed, WIN PRIZES! It's that easy!

Enjoy your summer and see you at the gym!

~Carol Hasko