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Make your workouts work for you!

21 August, 2014

Trainer tip from Jenny Trimble.

When someone brings up the idea of a workout, words like “tedious”, “challenging”, “time-consuming” may pop into our minds.  We start looking for excuses to not work out, especially when we have set unrealistic goals.  While setting realistic goals is one way of taking care of the problem, let’s consider another - how to overcome some common excuses:

1-      “Working out is boring”.  Perhaps it’s time to find your passion.  Our bodies were designed to move, so find the movement that works best for you.  I love running and being outdoors, enjoying the scenes of nature and the rhythm of movement that allows my mind to wander.  Some people love rhythm and dance; others love team sports.  Some love being on the water and enjoy swimming or kayaking.  Workouts don’t have to be inside on a treadmill or other machine.

2-      “I have children that take all the time I would use to work out”.  It’s hard to argue with that – I’ve had to change my own routine because of my 8-month-old twins.  At the same time, if you make it a priority – and consider that keeping yourself healthy means you will likely be here longer and in better shape to keep up with them – it can be done with a little creativity.  Maybe you sneak it in during a nap, or wake up before they do.  Maybe you include your kids in your workout – sometimes I take them on a run in a jogging stroller, or sometimes they become the weights in my weight training.  Like anything with kids, make multiple plans and be flexible.  Who knows?  You might help them burn off some of their energy!

3-      “I’m too tired”.  Did you know working out releases endorphins that can make you feel better and unlock energy?  Try working out for 10-15 minutes and see how you feel.  If you’re still tired, you can stop, but you may find that you’re ready to go even longer.  Even if you decide to stop, you’ve at least won the battle with your mind.  Surrendering to the excuse makes it that much harder to win the next time – even if you aren’t tired.

4-       “It’s too hot outside” or “It’s raining”  Don’t let the weather get in the way of your success.  Try adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to water and putting it in a spray bottle.  Spray your face to keep cool, if it’s too hot.  Keep a few pieces of exercise equipment, like a jump rope or hand weights at home for indoor workouts.  Weather that is less than ideal is the perfect excuse to come to Island Fitness and take advantage of your membership!

Have you run out of excuses? Are your excuses getting flimsy?  Great!  See you at the gym!

~ Jenny Trimble