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New Year's Resolutions? Use a Full-Court Press

02 January, 2015

You may prefer to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions one by one. But here’s an approach that might work better: Tackle them all at once.

That’s right. When people in a study used this approach to achieve their health goals, it almost doubled the likelihood they’d check at least one of the goals off their need-to-do list.

Boost Your Success

Want to lose weight? Cut back on ice cream? Walk more? Cook healthier meals? We all know that making resolutions to change for the better is one thing, but keeping those resolutions is quite another. Here are a few more ways to help tip the scales in your favor:

4 Make-It-Happen Tools

Get a Nutrition and Fitness Professional to help keep you on task.

Look up healthier versions of your favorite foods.

Give yourself more of a kid's bedtime for a few weeks.

Work hard on relaxing more.