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Trainer Tip - Find a Challenge Goal

03 June, 2014

When it comes to working out, one of the biggest problems I see is the ability for people to stick with it. After the initial honeymoon period, people tend to loose focus and soon working out becomes just another job, a job that becomes easier and easier to put off until tomorrow.


What's needed is a way to stay focused and excited about training. With my clients, I ask that they choose a challenge goal and there is no doubt that those who do are the most successful. Whether it be signing up for one of the many charity walks, choosing a mountain to climb or a full-blown marathon, the important part is that there must be a time frame in which this challenge is to be completed. My tried and true challenge for many of my clients is Mount Walker. Whether it's just making it up or beating my personal best time. In that spirit, I offer anybody who can beat my time up the mountain a free session. Feel free to contact me about this or one of the many other challenges I have to offer.


Find yourself a challenge goal, set a date and work hard to make it happen!


~ Marc LaSof