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Nutrition Bite Friday - "Creamy" Cauliflower Soup

22 December, 2017

Time to warm things up. Did you know? Coconut contains medium-chain fatty acids (a.k.a. good fats), which provide instant energy, burn existing fat and boost your metabolism. The coconut milk in this recipe also has half your daily recommended intake of Vitamin B12 for a healthy brain and nervous system.

Creamy Cauliflower Soup


1 head organic cauliflower cut into florets. (I like the deep yellow color of the Cheddar Cauliflower for this soup)

1 yellow sweet potato peeled and cubed

1 organic onion peeled and chopped

1-2 cloves organic garlic peeled and smashed

1 Tablespoon Avocado or Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Cup of Organic Coconut milk (unsweetened of course)

1 Teaspoon Sea Salt

1 Teaspoon Black Pepper

1 Teaspoon each ginger and/or turmeric (fresh or powdered and to taste) optional

The easy prep:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees toss all the veggies with the oil and seasonings. Line a roasting pan with parchment paper and roast your veggies until cooked and have a little caramelization happening. This is about 20 minutes I just test for preferred doneness. Getting your onion and garlic to caramelize enhances their sweetness but is not necessary.  

Transfer your roasted veggies to a blender with the coconut milk and blend until your desired texture is achieved.  I also like using different curry powders to enhance this soup based on my food mood.

Safety note! Only fill your blender half way with hot foods, remove the center of the lid and cover with a cloth to allow for steam to escape. Hot foods expand and can force the top off presenting a burn risk.

Alternate easy prep:

Simmer all veggies and seasonings in 1-2 cups of broth until veggies are tender reserving the coconut milk to the end. Turn off the heat and stir in the coconut milk. Homemade broth is best, but store bought is fast. Veggie or chicken broths work great even water will do in a pinch.  Blend according to directions above.

~Kat Polo

It's Nutrition Bite Friday! Roasted Brussels Sprouts

15 December, 2017

It's Nutrition Bite Friday!

Love your body from the inside and it will glow on the outside. Try this recipe to make your Brussels sprouts or broccoli a festive part of your meals.

Did you know? The sulfur in cruciferous veggies like Brussels sprouts and broccoli is needed to make keratin - your body's must-have ingredient for healthy skin, shiny hair and strong nails.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

1 pound of organic Brussels sprouts, washed, halved or quartered.
1 organic red onion peeled and sliced
1 tablespoon avocado or extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
2-3 slices organic uncured bacon, chopped - optional

The easy prep:
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wash and cut your Brussels sprouts in half or into quarters, add to a large bowl with the remaining ingredients. Toss all the ingredients in a bowl until well coated with oil and seasonings. Line a roasting pan with parchment paper and roast your veggies until cooked and a little caramelized, about 20 minutes. Test for preferred doneness. The onions will be sweet and if using the bacon it should be a little crispy and offer a savory counterbalance to the onions.

Choosing the freshest Brussels sprouts will ensure their sweetness. Brussels Sprouts on the stalk retain their freshness longer and are sweeter. This recipe works well with broccoli and cauliflower too!  Add pomegranate seeds or dried cranberries after cooking for a great pop of color and nutrient boost.

In the name of great food, enjoy!

~Kat Polo

Drinking Soda Is Bad for Your Health

15 September, 2016

Numerous studies have shown the negative health effects of drinking soda on your waistline and your teeth. Drinking soda however, has far more health risks than many of us may realize. Regular consumption of sugary drinks is linked to numerous health problems including diabetes, heart disease, asthma, COPD and obesity.

Island Fitness Holiday Guide to Feeling Your Best

29 November, 2015

We want you to feel fabulous when you wake up on New Year’s Day 2016! Check out our tips for maintaining your health, happiness and positive attitude.

Give back - Thanksgiving is much more than a day; it’s a state of mind. Gratitude is a word that tends to be overused, but in times such as these, it may be even more important to honor what we’re thankful for, and we have much to be grateful for. Did you know that it’s scientifically proven that happiness contributes to physical wellness? We were excited and inspired to hear that the Surgeon General believes happiness is an important component for our overall health.

Doing charitable work actually contributes to happiness. In this season, which can be so much about consumption, please consider doing more to help others less fortunate. We have so many worthy organizations within our community; Helpline House, Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers, and Arms Around Bainbridge are just a few that would welcome your support.

Rest – Keep to seven to eight hours of sleep. A good night’s sleep set’s you up for eating well, exercising and not becoming ill. A healthy lifestyle begins with rest! This is the time of year to embrace and celebrate family and friends. Plan out your commitments now, and make sure not to jeopardize your time for rest and relaxation. There is no way of completely wiping out anxiety and stress in our lives, but we can become more aware of managing our circumstances to best meet our individual needs.

Hydrate- You might not realize that drinking water would be so important this time of year. Hydrating with water will help support a strong immune system. We are especially prone to becoming dehydrated in the winter months. Whether you indulge a little too much in your caffeine or alcohol intake, it is important to drink a glass of purified water (preferably not out of a plastic water bottle). For every glass or cup of indulgence you partake in this season make sure to match it with eight ounces of water.

Nourish – We all worry about eating too much this time of year. Make sure you keep eating!! Stick with your regular healthful eating schedule. This is the best strategy for not over indulging. Eat a healthy snack or a small meal before going to a holiday gathering and you instinctively make better food and beverage choices. This is same idea as never going to the grocery store hungry. If you know you are going to be drinking alcohol or eating desert (make a choice either alcohol or desert, but not both) Eat salad first! It’s a proven fact that if you eat salad (w/healthy dressing) or greens first, you’ll consume few calories overall. Next, fill your plate with reasonable portions of a good source of lean protein and fiber. Look for the green veggie, chicken and seafood options. You can always bring your own healthful offering to the party.

Move – Keep exercising! Indoors or outdoors – move your body on a daily basis. Exercise equals good health, longevity and overall happiness. If you incorporate the first steps above your exercise routine is sure to flourish.

We all hear about the estimated weight gain the average person experiences this time of year. This does not have to be the case for anyone who rests, hydrates, gives back, eats well and exercises.

At Island Fitness, we have lots of fun and safe ways for you to keep moving and eating well this holiday season. Join our Rowing Challenge; try a Zumba class; 30 minute cycling class; you can even get your entire fitness plan set up for the New Year with an Ortho-Kinetics® assessment. 

Everyone at Island Fitness is here to assist you with all your healthy lifestyle needs. We want you to enjoy and celebrate the holiday season and look forward to the coming year!

Send us an email or contact our Front Desk.


02 March, 2015

22. Make half of all your meal plate vegetables.

23. See how many pushups you can do in 1 minute.

24. Try a new vegetable each week.

25. Share your goals with a friend to keep on track.

26. Learn how to take your heart rate.

27. Eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout your day.

28. Pick a favorite activity and have some fun!

 for a Nutrition Consultation or more info, please contact


21 February, 2015

  1. Give someone special a hug today.
  2. Stress less. Practice mindful meditation for 10 minutes.
  3. 1 cup of berries has super nutrients for your heart.
  4. Add a stretch break to your calendar to increase your flexibility.
  5. Call three relatives and ask about your family health history.
  6. Take out a tape measure and find out the size of your waist.
  7. March in place for 3 minutes to get increase your heart rate.


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07 February, 2015

  1. Head to bed with enough time to get a full 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Eat breakfast every morning for good brain power.
  3. Squat it out. Do 1 minute of squats.
  4. Plan your menu for the week with heart healthy recipes.
  5. Aim for 30 minutes if physical activity today.
  6. Give the elevator the day off and Take the stairs.
  7. Dance to your favorite song.
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New Year's Resolutions? Use a Full-Court Press

02 January, 2015

You may prefer to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions one by one. But here’s an approach that might work better: Tackle them all at once.

That’s right. When people in a study used this approach to achieve their health goals, it almost doubled the likelihood they’d check at least one of the goals off their need-to-do list.

Boost Your Success

Want to lose weight? Cut back on ice cream? Walk more? Cook healthier meals? We all know that making resolutions to change for the better is one thing, but keeping those resolutions is quite another. Here are a few more ways to help tip the scales in your favor:

4 Make-It-Happen Tools

Get a Nutrition and Fitness Professional to help keep you on task.

Look up healthier versions of your favorite foods.

Give yourself more of a kid's bedtime for a few weeks.

Work hard on relaxing more.

Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

22 November, 2014

The Halloween candy temptation is barely behind us, Thanksgiving is around the corner, Christmas is 6 weeks away, and New Year resolutions will be nipping at our heels.

Over the next 6 weeks you could give in to extra holiday calories, blow off your workouts, and start your New Year heavier, tired, and unhappy. Or...

Start now and get a 6-week headstart on your New Year resolutions! Just follow my simple holiday survival tips:

  1. My 90/10 rule is to stick with your healthy eating plan for 90% of your regular meals, and use the 10% to enjoy holiday parties and gatherings.
  2. Plan and prepare nourishing breakfasts, lunches and snacks to make it easy for you to get back on track after indulging. Don't allow one holiday party to turn into a week or more of overdoing.
  3. Decide when you will enjoy holiday treats. Choose special events and mark them on your calendar.
  4. Skip the holiday treats at the office. The best way to steer clear of the barrage of holiday goodies in the break room is to pack a healthy lunch and snack.
I believe success is the gift you give yourselfI'm here to help and would love to show you how to transform your body over the weeks to come. You deserve to begin 2015 happier and healthier. Contact me to set up a 30-minute Nutrition Consultation.
Kat Polo
Professional Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Healthy Snacks You Have at Home

18 April, 2014

There it goes again — that familiar growling in your stomach. Hunger pangs usually hit right around dinnertime, before we may have actually gotten dinner on the table. Munchies can also hit later on at night, after you've eaten that healthy grilled chicken salad. What can you nosh on without ruining your healthy diet? Rice cakes? Forget it! Just look around your kitchen and take a peek. There's plenty there — you just need to know what to do with it.

Great Fridge Finds

Unless you never go grocery shopping, chances are you usually have a few things kicking around in your fridge that can make tasty snacks. Bypass the bacon and grab that unsweetened nut butter. No longer naughty, nuts have made a comeback as a delicious and nutritious food. Nuts and nut butters are rich in monounsaturated fats and are a good source of fiber. You still need to look at portion size though. Keep it to two tablespoons for nut butter. Spread it on an apple, baby carrots or celery sticks to make it to dinner. Natural nut butters are best, so make sure to pick some up the next time you're at the store.

Got some salsa left over from last night's burritos? Pair it with some carrot sticks or cucumber spears (really, it's good). If you're really famished and have a can of beans on hand, you can quickly mix a few tablespoons of salsa with a cup of beans. Wrap it in a tortilla or scoop it up with a handful of tortilla chips and you have a high-fiber snack.


Top Ten Healthy Pantry Pick-Me-Ups:

  1. Carrots — Cut them into sticks and dip them in salsa, light salad dressing, yogurt dip or almond butter.

  2. Bananas — On their own, they're great, but add them to a smoothie, or freeze them for a fun treat, and they're even better.
  3. Celery — They're as versatile as carrots and even lower in calories. And they're crunchy enough to help die-hard chip fans get through the munchies.

  4. Cucumbers — Slice them up and sprinkle lightly with salt for a refreshing snack.

  5. Nuts and seeds — Pumpkin seeds, almonds, pecans and other nuts can be tossed into salads for a healthy bite.

  6. Almond butter — Slather on an apple or to add a tablespoon or two to a smoothie for a protein-rich treat.

  7. Quesadillas — Use black beans or any other canned beans you have on hand. Add in a sprinkling of cheese, a dollop of salsa and you're in business.

  8. Raisins — sprinkle these high iron and fiber-rich gems into plain yogurt or mix with 1/3 cup of nuts for instant trail mix.
  9. Salsa — makes a great dip for veggies and also can be used on sandwiches as a low fat spread instead of mayo.

  10. Yogurt — If you have plain yogurt in the fridge, you're ready to go. Add some fresh herbs (parsley, dill or thyme will all work), along with a dash of salt and pepper, and you're set.