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Tips for New Member Success

09 February, 2018

If you're new to island Fitness or newly committed to incorporating fitness into your life, check out these useful resources we recommend to new members. These tools can help get you moving and feeling at home at Island Fitness and are included with your annual membership at no additional charge.
  • BlastOff reward card, found in your new member packet: During the first 6 weeks of your new membership, collect points on your card to earn great prizes, just for showing up.
  • Ortho-Kinetics Assessment: Schedule 3 one-hour sessions with one of our Ortho-Kinetics Professional trainers and learn about your body and how to make it perform better for you and to improve the results of your efforts.
  • Complimentary Equipment and Club Orientation: A great way to get to know all the equipment within our 17,000 square feet. A Professional Trainer will show you the "ropes" so the next time you walk into the gym you'll know where to begin. T/TH/ SAT. Please register at the front desk. 
  • Red Vest Floor trainer: In addition to our complimentary Equipment and Club Orientation we have our trainers out on the floor periodically to answer your questions. You will know who they are as they will be sporting a red Island Fitness vest.
  • Group Fitness Classes: We have more than 50 group fitness classes every week Monday-Sunday. Group fitness class schedules are available on-line or at the front desk. Grab a friend, pick a class and join the fun.
Feeling unsure about trying a class? Here are some tips that might help. 
  • Come to the gym when the class you are interested in is happening. 
  • Talk to the instructor and let them know you are interested in their class and that you are going to observe for a bit (or just look in through the doorway if that feels like too much of a commitment).
  • Talk to the instructor after class if you have questions about it, or if you are wondering how appropriate is for you. Our instructors are awesome and are happy to answer your questions!
  • Know that it is fine if you only do part of a class as you build your stamina and endurance, just let the instructor know that you may be leaving class early.
Bike Fitting for our indoor cycling classes: Did you know we can help you personalize your indoor cycle experience. Just arrive to one of our RPM classes 15 minutes early and the instructor will help you set up your bike correctly.
Body Pump Intro: Get comfortable with your weights and form! We offer a 15-minute Body Pump Intro every Friday! Please register in advance at the front desk.

We believe the more connections you have in the club the more successful you will be, so don't be shy - introduce yourself, try a class, ask a red vest trainer to check your form! You may have joined at the start of the year, we are inviting you to begin now, today, and we hope you will still be here this time next year, welcoming next year's new members and telling them how to make themselves at home at Island Fitness!