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“How many reps should I do?"

02 September, 2014

Trainer tip from Michael Hauser

The question I get more often than any other during an orientation is "How many reps should I do?" Followed closely by "how much weight?" and “how many sets?" 

The people who usually ask these questions are usually new to the gym or new to using the weight machines. That being said there goals usually fall into the get back into shape lose a few pounds category.

The simplest way to answer this question is 8-16 reps at a weight that the last two or three reps are much harder than the first two or three reps. Or put another way if 8 is easy do 10, if 10 is easy do 12, 12 is easy do 14, 14 is easy do 16, 16 is easy raise your weight and start over.

Working in this way will work both muscle endurance and muscle strength as you move back and forth in reps and intensity.

~Michael Hauser

Healthy Snacks You Have at Home

18 April, 2014

There it goes again — that familiar growling in your stomach. Hunger pangs usually hit right around dinnertime, before we may have actually gotten dinner on the table. Munchies can also hit later on at night, after you've eaten that healthy grilled chicken salad. What can you nosh on without ruining your healthy diet? Rice cakes? Forget it! Just look around your kitchen and take a peek. There's plenty there — you just need to know what to do with it.

Great Fridge Finds

Unless you never go grocery shopping, chances are you usually have a few things kicking around in your fridge that can make tasty snacks. Bypass the bacon and grab that unsweetened nut butter. No longer naughty, nuts have made a comeback as a delicious and nutritious food. Nuts and nut butters are rich in monounsaturated fats and are a good source of fiber. You still need to look at portion size though. Keep it to two tablespoons for nut butter. Spread it on an apple, baby carrots or celery sticks to make it to dinner. Natural nut butters are best, so make sure to pick some up the next time you're at the store.

Got some salsa left over from last night's burritos? Pair it with some carrot sticks or cucumber spears (really, it's good). If you're really famished and have a can of beans on hand, you can quickly mix a few tablespoons of salsa with a cup of beans. Wrap it in a tortilla or scoop it up with a handful of tortilla chips and you have a high-fiber snack.


Top Ten Healthy Pantry Pick-Me-Ups:

  1. Carrots — Cut them into sticks and dip them in salsa, light salad dressing, yogurt dip or almond butter.

  2. Bananas — On their own, they're great, but add them to a smoothie, or freeze them for a fun treat, and they're even better.
  3. Celery — They're as versatile as carrots and even lower in calories. And they're crunchy enough to help die-hard chip fans get through the munchies.

  4. Cucumbers — Slice them up and sprinkle lightly with salt for a refreshing snack.

  5. Nuts and seeds — Pumpkin seeds, almonds, pecans and other nuts can be tossed into salads for a healthy bite.

  6. Almond butter — Slather on an apple or to add a tablespoon or two to a smoothie for a protein-rich treat.

  7. Quesadillas — Use black beans or any other canned beans you have on hand. Add in a sprinkling of cheese, a dollop of salsa and you're in business.

  8. Raisins — sprinkle these high iron and fiber-rich gems into plain yogurt or mix with 1/3 cup of nuts for instant trail mix.
  9. Salsa — makes a great dip for veggies and also can be used on sandwiches as a low fat spread instead of mayo.

  10. Yogurt — If you have plain yogurt in the fridge, you're ready to go. Add some fresh herbs (parsley, dill or thyme will all work), along with a dash of salt and pepper, and you're set.


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