What would you try to accomplish if you knew you couldn't fail?

08 May, 2018

Spring / Summer Goal Setting - Part I by Carol O'Neill and Kat Polo

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, more than 100 published studies confirm that specific, challenging goals result in better performance than easy goals, no goals, or simply trying to "do your best".

Where to begin? Get out a piece of paper and brainstorm! Go wild - write down the things that come to mind when you think of summer, then narrow it down. Choose one or two things that are life enhancing and appeal to you. Is at least one of these attainable in the next two to three months? What kind of support would you need to be successful? What would the time commitment be? What would 'success' look like to you?

With the warmer weather come more outdoor activities, and summer clothes. What are YOUR wellness goals for summer, and what can we help you with (now) in spring?

Here is a springboard. Fill in the blanks, add your own ideas to the list, then come up with a plan.

You want to look better in a _______.
Be able to ______ more.
Mark ____ off my bucket list.
(examples: swimsuit, play with my grandkids, skydiving)

You want to take up _____.
Return to _____.
Improve your _____ game/skill.
(examples: golfing, swimming, biking, climbing, water skiing, hiking, kayaking, running, walking, obstacle courses, racing, table tennis, gardening)

Remember to apply S.M.A.R.T strategy when setting goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely). Remember that your trainer or nutrition coach can help you to set your goals, and adjust them as you put them into action. Not currently working with a trainer or coach? Ask a friend to be your support buddy, check in with them as you begin, and adjust where necessary! Remember BABY STEPS practiced consistently are the best way to achieve your goals!

Specific - what EXACTLY do you what to do or accomplish? Write it down, clearly define and declare your intentions. Think about your 'why'. SHARE your goal and your why with your support people!

- How? The next step is to look at how you will accomplish this goal. Break it down into smaller pieces. How will you measure if you are succeeding? Everyone needs to be able to measure and see their wins to feel the motivation to continue!

- If you get stuck or feel discouraged as you begin, you may be reaching too far, so create smaller steps. Challenge yourself, but be practical. Set a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) but do the thing in front of you and make the thing in front of you doable!

- or relevant...does this goal matter to YOU? or to someone else? Pursue what matters to YOU, this is YOUR life, and it is a limited resource. What is on your bucket list? How can you take steps toward one of those things today/this month/this season, and how can we help?

- Set a time frame to focus on this goal and then look at what it would take to get there. If there are time constraints or financial implications to consider, write them out. Map out a SMART Action Plan.

"Every SMART goal needs a SMART action plan to go along with it. This action plan focuses on how you can go about achieving your goal through things such as setting milestones, highlighting potential pitfalls that could keep you from reaching those milestones, deciding what actions you need to take to reach them, and deciding on a schedule you want to stick to." - Brian Tracy, success expert

You are capable of amazing things with a goal, focus, commitment, a timeline, and support. Don't be shy jump in, and begin!

What do you want to do OUT THERE that we can help you with IN HERE?

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