Congratulations to Island Fitness Trainers

23 September, 2014

Congratulations to Island Fitness professional trainers! Our trainers have just completed a rigorous 1-year education and certification process with the Ortho-Kinetics Institute in Dallas, Texas. During the past year, program creator Everett Aaberg and Ortho-Kinetics instructors Cecil Hightower, Glenn Haugk and Matt Lindenmeyer traveled to Island Fitness eight times to present, demonstrate and eventually certify our trainers in this unique and detailed program.

Ortho-Kinetics provides the most detailed and in-depth postural, joint, and movement assessment which helps the trainer identify imbalances and compensations. With this knowledge, the trainer can design an exercise program that helps you reach your optimum performance goals. Come in and talk with an Island Fitness Professional Trainer and stay tuned for more information on our website.

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