New, New, New!

02 December, 2014

Over the next several months you can expect significant upgrades in our facility. Upgrades will include new equipment, fresh paint and new flooring.

• In the cardio room we will replace all 4 Stepmills and all of the upright and recumbent bikes. We will retire the Precor Elipiticals, and replace with 4 AMT’s (Adaptive Motion Trainers) and 2     new Elipticals.
• The AMT is a recently developed innovative and versatile piece of low-impact  cardio equipment..
• You should see new paint on most interior walls beginning this week. Painting will be done off-hours and we’ll use low VOC paint as always.
• We are upgrading our entertainment system! We’ll retire all of the old CRT tv’s and install 7 large flat-screen tv’s in the cardio room (no tv’s in the main gym)
• We’ll add 2 new incline trainers in the cardio room (March)
• We’ll replace much of the Cybex selectorized equipment with Freemotion equipment (March)
• New flooring in the stretching area and the free weight area (February/March)

We’ll do our best to keep the work in the background as much as possible. We will alert you  ahead of time when equipment delivery may impact your workout.

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