Trainers advance!

20 May, 2015

Congratulations to Marc LaSof, Mark Leonetti and Tony Locascio! Marc LaSof successfully completed the testing he missed last Fall due to a scheduling conflict. Fitness Director Gavin DeWitt worked with Mark and Tony over the last seven months to learn the Ortho-Kinetics system. This rigorous teaching and training encompassed many hours of instruction, shadowing and studying. Each tested when Everett Aaberg and Daniel Tague of the Ortho-Kinetics Institute in Dallas TX came to Island Fitness to work with the trainers in early May.

"I've never had new trainers do better on their first round of testing!" said Everett. This is a testament not only to hard work, but to the leadership  and teaching skills of Gavin.

All are now certified Ortho-Kinetics Professional Trainers.  Ortho-Kinetics is a proprietary scientifically based way of training that addresses posture, range of motion and movement patterns learned through a series of assessments. With the information gained from the assessment, the trainer has the tools to optimally train you within the body you have to help you achieve the body you want.

Marc, Mark and Tony are all now certified Ortho-Kinetics Professional Trainers at Island Fitness!

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