Welcome, Ann Gorman!

15 December, 2015

Ann Gorman
We are happy to welcome Ann Gorman to the Island Fitness massage team. Ann hails from Boston but has been an Islander for years. She has worked locally as a pharmacist and brings her healthcare background to her massage practice. She loves to help clients solve problems through bodywork and aromatherapy, and will put them in touch with her wide range of colleagues if their issue requires a referral.

Ann loves tailoring massage to meet your needs, whether it's a relaxation or deep tissue massage. She counts taming migraines among her many talents. She has worked with elite athletes as well as those dealing with chronic issues or disease."I am able to accommodate clients in all degrees of health. Chronic diseases such as cancer or arthritis, and conditions such as plantar fasciitis are a few examples of problems I can work with. My background in pharmacy, massage, and acupuncture provides me with a broad range of skills to help optimize each client's wellness. I love helping clients improve, one massage at a time"

"Ann is a healer, that's her gig, not just massage - although she is very good at massage! I have worked with all of the people that she has recommended to me and they have been a tremendous help. I am grateful for her hands and her help!" Sherry Eckert.

Ann received her massage education at the Brenneke School of massage. She has studied acupuncture. Ann delivers head-to-toe bodywork using our organic products, with a nourishing solid touch. She loves providing chair massage for short treatments to revive shoulders and neck, especially in cases of computer strain and travel recovery. Ann is comfortable using aromatherapy, spa treatments, and pampering using heated towels and essential oils. Ask for her signature massage (additional fee applies)!
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