Are you ready for virtual training?

04 September, 2018

As part of our mission to boost training accessibility, consistency, convenience, and interconnectivity, the Training Department at Island Fitness is thrilled to announce the arrival of Trainerize, a customizable online training app. Jesse had the chance to speak with Gavin DeWitt, Fitness Director at Island Fitness, regarding the app and its uses. Read all about it below!

Trainerize Virtual Training
Jesse Rosenthal

Gavin summarized Trainerize as a "fitness company that we've partnered with to design a custom, branded app for our Island Fitness trainers to use to better deliver programmed training content to their clients. Each client's specific workout can be videoed, pictured, and explained online to give them the best chance to duplicate the workouts they learn from their trainers. In addition, this app will be able to link with MyFitnessPal and other software programs clients may already use."

Since Trainerize is essentially a portable training program, Gavin highlighted the practicality of using this app in a travel setting. He explained that if a client goes out of town for a week, they'll be able to continue their specific training regime using the app's personalized content. They'll even have the ability to contact their trainer with questions or concerns using Trainerize's built-in communication system. A bit of the best of both worlds, if you will- accessibility and convenience, while still delivering what Island Fitness values above all else: personalized, person-to-person connection in the name of achieving wellness goals. As Gavin put it, "At the end of the day, Island fitness is about bringing people together. So we hope this app will help people connect, get together with their trainers, and even their friends and family, so they can move better, live their lives better, and integrate their fitness experiences better."

Trainerize is of course optional, and clients who prefer to continue as they have been will be able to do so. And if the idea of portable fitness sounds nice but you'd rather not use your cell phone during a workout, Trainerize's programs can always be printed on paper.

In closing my time with Gavin, I asked him if he has any concerns about the gradual integration with technology and social media in the fitness world. Gavin's response struck me as both optimistic, yet pragmatic. "So long as our clients continue to come first, and the focus stays on their needs, then this integration with technology will only improve our ability to help them with their fitness goals."

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