Move Your Mind - Brain Health Tip #1

27 June, 2018

Island Fitness is passionate about understanding what it truly means to live healthily. Therefore what we were excited to discover is that regardless of the multitude of information from lifestyle studies, exercise is nearly 100% agreed to be the most effective means to maintaining health¹.

June is recognized as Brain Awareness Month. Many of us think that cognitive decline begins in old age. Sadly, recent brain studies show that it can start as early as in our 30's¹. Yet information is also emerging that suggests this decline is not inevitable. Doctors tell us that we can make brain health related lifestyle choices that will proactively and positively affect our brain in the short and long terms¹.

So during June, Island Fitness will highlight four key practices we can all incorporate to prevent cognitive decline.

Move Your Mind

The first key component for preventing cognitive decline, and what researchers believe to be the most important, is (you guessed it) exercise. Three hours of intensive exercise a week increases blood flow to the brain and loosens up amyloid plaque, a tartar we do not want in excess in the brain¹. Weak blood flow to the brain and too much amyloid plaque are believed be key contributors to Alzheimer's Disease¹.

Remember that "intense" exercise is a subjective term. It will be different for everyone based on their age, health, and body type. We do know that the three hour recommendation should be divided between weight bearing and cardio vascular exercise. We highlight the Plank Exercise in this addition of our newsletter as it serves as a hybrid workout. It not only builds strength, but also endurance!

Look for our professional trainers (in their hip red vests) to answer your brain related exercise questions. Or, for a more thorough explanation, sign up for an Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment. This is the best way to learn how to create a personalized approach to your exercise regime. Understandably, we at Island Fitness are thrilled to know exercise is such an indispensable component of fostering brain health. We want to help you cultivate this same excitement!

Next week we will highlight the second fundamental for achieving optimal brain health. Stay Tuned!

1. Godman, Heidi. "Regular Exercise Changes the Brain, Improves Memory" Harvard University Health, 14 Apr 2014

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