Recovering from the Effects of Smoke

31 August, 2018

As the firefighters continue to battle the wild fires around the Northwest, our bodies are contending with the effects of the smoke. Ash and the dry, smoky air can dry out the nasal passages, eyes, throat, and body as a whole.

Here are some ideas on what we can do to aid recovery from exposure to smoke and ash:
* Increase water intake by 50% - plain, bubbly, enhanced, or flavored water
* Add a small splash of chlorophyll (available at Willows) to your water
* Use an air purifier
* Warm compresses on chest
* Diffuse essential oils (basil, lemon, rosemary) into inside air
* Eat or add cilantro, parsley, lemon, beets
* Eat fruits and vegetables high in water content
* Cool compress on the eyes, use some tears to help lubricate the eyes
* Warm shower before bed, especially if you have been outside
* Add lavender to your body lotion to help calm the body
* Add cilantro and blueberries to your diet to help lower histamine levels (which can affect the lungs and digestion)
* Use a sauna to help move toxins out of the body

Yoga - A soothing, restorative practice that calms the body, some deep breathing, some twists to help squeeze out the inner organs and get fresh blood flowing, prop your legs up a wall.

Steam - Make use of our steam room! There is one in each locker room. Small towels are provided outside each steam room for you to sit on. Large towels are available at the front desk. Ten minutes in the steam room - steam, rinse, repeat. We promise you will feel better!

Massage - We have three massage therapists on staff to help support your tired breathing muscles and reduce tension. Bonus: massage will help your cell exchange and lymph system to clear toxins and histamines.

Sweat it out - Sweat every day, to move the toxins out of the body and get you breathing and heart pumping. Not sure what to do? Bored with your current routine? We have a trainer for that!

We hope this has helped to spark some ideas on ways to take care of yourself.

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