Gavin DeWitt by Robin D.

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When I first joined Island Fitness a year ago I was placed with Gavin for my Ortho-Kinetic assessment and personal training. I was seeing a physical therapist at the time for plantar fasciitis which had resulted from the poor healing of a broken ankle, and wanted to ensure that I started training correctly. In addition, I was overweight, and had never worked out in fitness center before, so I really needed to learn about the equipment, and what constituted a good workout, along with my own commitment to lose weight.

Gavin did find a number of issues during the assessment that would need correction, and those were worked on during workouts over the year, with occasional reviews to ensure he was not ‘over-correcting.’ His focused attention to detail, insistence on performing motions correctly, inquiries about whether I was feeling discomfort, exceptional observational skills and technical knowledge really made me have faith in him as my trainer. He also took the time to show me how to use the rowing machine and Pre-Cor correctly for the half hour of cardio following my work out.

I trained with him one day a week, and asked him to create workout programs that I could do myself on two other days, and I very much appreciate the time he spent doing that as I simply couldn’t afford to hire a trainer three days a week. We would go through these programs together to make sure I was understanding his terminology, and knew how to do the exercises correctly, and he would occasionally observe that it was time for a new program, and create one.

Most of my earlier months were spent in circuit training, and as my balance and strength improved, more free weights and machines were involved. During this process, Gavin was patient, kind, tactful, and considerate. He knew how to motivate and push me, while ensuring I was safe. Whenever I brought up a health concern that I thought might pertain to the training, he was very attentive.

Eventually he determined that it was time to move me into more of a weights focused training, which involved an entirely different learning curve for me. With his ability to judge what I can do, I have actually astonished myself. I have appreciated the opportunity to learn, and Gavin is a great teacher. He is always good-natured, and his sense of humor helps tremendously during workouts.

I am happy to say that my journey over the last year with Gavin as my personal trainer has been transforming. In addition to being substantially stronger with improved balance and cardio, I have lost 68 pounds without going on any prescribed diet. I initially, and for a long time, felt intimidated coming to the gym, but certainly feel more confident now thanks to everything I have learned. I would recommend him most certainly as a trainer, but have also observed his relationships with other clients and trainers, and have observed that he is well-respected and treats everyone around him fairly and directly, with excellent people-skills.

I am eternally grateful; thank you Gavin!

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