Darcy Monette by Ron C.

09 July, 2013

Darcy Monette has been my personal trainer for the last 8 years.  That in itself speaks volumes. She is a great personal trainer!  

  • Darcy’s training and coaching have gotten me from not running at all in 2006 to successfully run 8 marathons -- including 3 Bostons -- in the last 6 years!
  • Darcy's training and coaching helped me qualify for the Boston Marathon in my very first marathon only 7 months after starting to run!
  • Darcy's functional training and coaching has helped me lose 40 pounds, improve my cholesterol numbers, and dramatically improve my energy and overall outlook
  • Darcy's training and coaching have me feeling healthier with much more energy, and am confident that I can continue that way
  • For day-to-day exercise planning, training, mental prep and motivation, Darcy and her support team at Island Fitness have really made an amazing difference!

I would also add:

  • Darcy is sensitive to each of her client's special circumstances:
  • Darcy teaches functional training which means I don't need to pack any equipment, or rely on hotel equipment, when I travel. 
  • Darcy not only emphasizes the exercise in my training, but has helped a lot with her coaching on the food I eat and on fueling during long runs
  • Darcy has really helped me sort out the options when I need to see the doctor for injuries or for physical therapy and massage
  • Darcy coached me to take advantage of the results from metabolic testing, which really made a difference for my running

Darcy really knows her stuff.  I've had nothing but positive results from training with Darcy!  


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