Kristin by Anna W.

09 October, 2013

Kristin has been my personal trainer for about 10 months following the birth of my third child. After being pregnant, I had no upper body strength. I was lucky to do a single push up. Although I tried to work out on my own, I would get pushed back, because I kept hurting myself.

With Kristin's help, I learned to use proper form and was given sets of exercises and routines that finally allowed me to progress!

Now I can do 20 push ups in 1 drop. No lower back pain as my upper back is so much stronger. I can complete 100 push ups in my 1.5 hours of work out routine and am so happy with my results.

My name is Anna W., mother of 3 and very proud to say I am (hashtag) #fitat40 #fitmom

Thank you Kristen for all your time and helping me get back in shape!
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