Train to Climb by Adam N.

01 November, 2013

To say that it was one of the most powerful experiences in my life would be no exaggeration. There were times on the climb when mentally it got pretty intense and there was certainly some fear management at times. It’s the real deal getting up there. It’s not “just a really hard hike…” as a friend told me. You do need to come prepared mentally and physically. There were times during the climb when I was living as “moment to moment” as at any time in my life and when I look at some of the pictures from the climb I’m very proud of what we all accomplished. It was a true adventure. I think if there’s one guarantee for the program it’s that it is going to be an adventure. And it’s going to be hard. And well worth it. I guess that’s three guarantees, but I’ll stand by them all. I can’t guarantee that you will get a world famous Sherpa on your rope which I did – lucky me – good karma from lots of time on the treadmill.
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