Alexa R. and Diane P. by Twin Thompson

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Armed with a few goals, I started working with Diane Peterson and Alexa Rosenthal at Island Fitness last fall. My goals were - improve my health, lose about 30 pounds and increase my stamina (I am a musician and performances are demanding).

I began with a comprehensive personal Ortho-Kinetics assessment, which was included in my new gym membership. I was amazed at how thorough and detailed the process was. I learned a great deal about how my body works, and where my deficiencies were. Diane carefully crafted an exercise program that fit my schedule, worked on my deficiencies and supported my goals. Diane's training was clear and it was easy for me to do the exercises on the days that we were not working together.

At the same time, I had my first appointment with Alexa. She reviewed my eating habits and began to educate me about my body's nutritional needs. I learned that while I had already done some work to improve my eating habits, I had many misconceptions about food and its impact on my body. One of the most useful things that Alexa has taught me is taking ownership over my choices for what I consume.

Currently, I have lost nearly 30 pounds, taken more than 4 inches off my waist, improved my stamina significantly, and most of all I feel better. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better, and my self-confidence is up. I continue to work with Diane and Alexa. As my health improves, Diane adjusts my workout routine to hone in on other problem areas and to continue my weight loss. Alexa provides guidance, education and support of my nutritional choices to further improve my eating habits.
Island fitness as a facility has never failed me. They have excellent equipment that is well maintained and clean. Most important, their staff is always friendly and ready to help and serve with a smile. " ~ Twin Thompson
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