Brenda and Kat, by Jennifer M.

27 October, 2016

In early October I joined Island Fitness with the goal of becoming not only fit but more agile in my body, as I had back surgery a few months prior. I was told by the membership advisor that I would have the opportunity to receive three free coaching sessions in Ortho-Kinetics with a trainer (Brenda) and one free session of nutrition coaching with Kat Polo — someone whom I have seen at health events on Bainbridge.
Not every new member takes advantage of this amazing offering to work with such impressively-trained professionals. I am so glad I jumped at the chance.

That same week I met with one of the Island Fitness trainers named Brenda. It was clear to me right away that Brenda, like Kat, was also a great listener regarding my goals, history and experience with health training. She respected my concerns about going too fast in terms of weight training, given my recent surgery. I was blown away by her carefulness and education in Ortho-Kinetics (beginning with a 3-part assessment which addressed posture, joint movement and functional movement). I have never met a health trainer with that kind of discipline and knowledge. She walked me through the three-part assessment of my present state of fitness. Our work included a rigorous analysis of both my posture and my skeletal frame during movements involved in exercise. She skillfully explained what she was looking for and measuring with each and every movement and welcomed my questions. Kat met with me in the privacy of her office and was an excellent listener to my overall health goals. I told her I had crash-dieted as a kid and grew to hate all diets as they have felt restricting and seemed to slowdown my metabolism. She agreed that Diets Don’t Work and recommended I continue to avoid get-thin-quick schemes. She respected that I wanted to get fit, not skinny. She was much more focused on meeting me where I am and where I want to go — to feel healthy in a balanced way. Kat gave me an overall sense of her approach to nutritional wellness and even shared some of her own learning about her journey to becoming a health coach and physical trainer. I felt smartly-supported by Kat and empowered to work with her as needed in the future. She left the choice up to me.

Michael and Alexa clearly invest a great deal in their staff and want them to be the very best at what they offer Island Fitness members. I am truly blown away by my extraordinary experience that surpassed expectations, in preparing me to begin to achieve my fitness intentions. Thanks to all of you.With the help and training of both Kat and Brenda and their compassionate approach to coaching, I feel ready to begin the journey toward balance, strength and agility — the goals I signed up to achieve.


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