Carol O'Neill and Renae McCloud by Judy R.

25 November, 2016

Heart of a Marine!

Judy's father (a 17 year old First Marine) was stuck in a fox hole, getting ready to defend Henderson Airfield at Edson's Ridge Guadacanal.  These "Edson's Raiders" were the first Special Ops trained to handle the Japanese Samurai in the Pacific, If the Raiders could defend Henderson Field, they would break the Japanese supply line, keep them from advancing and hand them their first defeat.  They held Henderson Filed.

To honor her father and commemorate the 70th anniversary of Guadacanal, and to mark her 70th birthday, Judy Roda a 1 year breast cancer survivor decided to challenge her by running an obstacle course race!  She had been taking classes with Renae McCloud and added Personal Training with Carol to develop a program to prepare her for The Warrior Dash!  “I relied on Renae "Queen of Obstacle Runs" and the spirit of a warrior to push me through!"

"I am so proud of the work Judy has done!  She was determined to race and her family decided to support her by racing with her!   I love Judy's sayings “It is never too late for a 'do over!' and "older girls can do it too!'  She shows what can be accomplished with consistent training!"  

Judy blows my socks off and inspires me every time I see her. She’s 70 years old, beat cancer and kicked the Warrior Dash in the butt. I hope I have her spirit at her age! Wonder what it takes? She has a positive outlook on life, laughs and smiles a lot, is consistent in her training, works hard and is dedicated to her health and wellbeing. She’s already looking at next year, wondering what challenge she’ll conquer! I love that about her. What have I learned from Judy? To be positive every day, to never give up and to keep moving forward.

When she came back after the race she left me a note that read "The Warrior Dash was a blast! I did all of the obstacles and kept pace! 1:23mins...THANK YOU!!"

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