Gavin, by Marsha

22 November, 2017

As a client of Gavin's, I am happy to report that his targeted Ortho-Kinetics training methods are amazingly effective for improving movement and reducing pain. Years of various musculoskeletal treatments for various injuries and limitations, while helpful, have not yielded, for me, the improvement in strength and alignment and at the same time reduction in pain, in the way that Gavin's targeted training has for me in the first eight weeks we have worked together. Eight hours of training spread over the two months has yielded remarkable reductions in pain and increases in functionality, and for that I am grateful. Gavin has a special gift for seeing exactly what I need to work on and supporting me through that work in a highly effective way, with a relatively minimal investment of time and effort (well, I say that, in that each session seems like pretty hard work, but in retrospect it's quite doable). As a physician, I can't say enough about my respect for Gavin's knowledge, skills, and commitment to improving the lives of his clients.


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