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Brenda, by Ann C

15 December, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

For approximately two years I have been working with Brenda Prickett, and I’s like you to know she’s fantastic! For one thing, she’s gone to no ends to help me get stronger and deal with assorted back and leg problems. Early on she studied spinal stenosis, then tailored the exercises we do to help my situation. She has studied the results of a recent MRI done on my back and went with me to talk with my physical therapist and to get his advice on where we should go from here. She is amazing and I wanted you to know she is the best!

Gratitude for Brenda, by Judith

17 November, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

A note of gratitude,

Dear Brenda:

In this season of thanksgiving, l want to take a moment to thank you for taking good care of me on my adventure into Ortho-Kinetics and all the incredible ways it has benefited me.

From the beginning of our work together you respectfully listened and embraced my goal of wanting the assessment and training to not only enhance my own fitness journey but also that of my wonderful yoga students. I can say this goal has been achieved in surprising and rewarding ways over the 3 months that you and I have been working together and I have no doubt it will become even more apparent over time.

I know you discovered early how truly intimidated and challenged I was by “the machines.” Over the last eight years of teaching at Island Fitness, I have only made friends with a few and barely glanced at the rest. This new adventure has been a bold awaking of how truly amazing they can be with an outstanding guide like you.

You are amazing. Your technical knowledge, keen observation and demonstration of correct procedures encouraged me to do my best. I needed your patience and push in equal portion which you provided with humor and enthusiasm. You were just what I needed.

With a grateful heart and renewed focus I look forward to my monthly training as together we move toward my personal fitness goal while expanding my skills to benefit my students.

At the end of each yoga class my students and I bow our heads in a sign of gratitude and humbleness - for each other, for our yoga practice together, and for a safe, clean and welcoming environment where we can move towards health and wholeness.

It’s quite a community.

Namaste, Judith