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Diane, by Robin K.

19 October, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

My husband Fred & I moved to Bainbridge Island part time in 2005. He joined Island Fitness and I joined several years later. A few years ago Fred started working out 3x/week with Gavin. We could both see a difference in general health & body stability.

I continued on 3 machines halfheartedly, and continued to gain weight and inches yearly. This past June at the age of 71, I decided to try working out with Diane twice a week. I had my my speech ready -I don’t like coming to a gym, the machines are intimidating and here’s my list of past surgeries and health issues.

Diane began to proceed through 3 visits of thorough [ortho-kinetics assessment] evaluation of my body's strengths and weaknesses, including colored charts. I was impressed. We then started our own workouts. Diane never shamed or embarrassed me about what I couldn't do. I feel safe with her and her expertise and she respects when I say I can't do any more. Diane is fun, has great energy and is creative with our workouts. She is full of interesting tidbits on health, nutrition, life and octopus!!

It has been a great summer and I have lost 10 lbs and inches! I actually am looking forward to returning to our schedule when we return next summer. The gym is still not my favorite place to go, but besides church, it's the most important!


Thank you Diane!

❤ Robin K.

Diane by Carter T.

25 February, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

I have attended Diane Peterson's Pilates Supergroup for a couple of years. As an aspiring acrobat, I have very specific goals in mind and Diane is always there to listen and work with me on those goals. As a result of working with Diane over the last couple of years, I have increased my core strength, improved my flexibility and have begun to correct some muscular imbalances. I would highly recommend Diane and the Pilates Small Group Training series to anyone who has serious fitness needs.

Pilates by Renie W.

17 October, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

Honestly I was intimidated by Pilates, not really understanding what it was. At the urging of my trainer though, I gave it a try. I was so pleased with Diane's knowledge and attention to technique and was totally put at ease by her. I discovered that Pilates targets muscles I didn't even realize I had. It is a wonderful adjunct to my regular cardio and strength training, and Diane completely takes away the intimidation factor. It is adaptable to any fitness level. I am so happy I was convinced to try Pilates and am now completely and happily sold!