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Alexa, by Leona S

17 October, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

Alexa, by Leona S.


I have worked with Alexa for several years. Her knowledge of nutrition is vast and her approach is exactly what I need. 

First of all, she doesn’t use that ugly four letter word – diet.  Good nutrition isn’t a short term goal. Instead, Alexa has inspired me to maintain a lifestyle which incorporates a program of regular exercise and good eating habits.

Second, what she suggests isn’t a “one size fits all” plan -- like most diets -- because what’s important to me may not necessarily be important to you.  Rather, she encourages me to make healthy food choices that work for me. 

Third, she has never said, “you can’t eat that ever again” because then she’d be using that other ugly six letter word – denial.  Rather, she helps me to decide whether I really want to eat something, and, if I do, how to include it during my day and, most importantly, how to enjoy it, recognizing that none of us is perfect.  If my daily food journal reflects 80-90% of healthy choices, I’m doing well.    

Finally, Alexa has taught me that losing and maintaining weight is not simply about the amount of calories I consume but also takes into consideration the emotional side of eating.  In other words, her approach to nutrition is a holistic one.