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Carol, by Carol Thornburgh

06 June, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

For the past three years I have had the good fortune to have Carol O’Neill Hasko as my twice a week trainer.  A recent visit to Paris where miles were walked each day (many on cobblestones) and so many tiny very old circular stairways were climbed showed what a difference my training made.  As the oldest (age 83 years) of the family group of nine I had no complaints of sore legs and feet.  Keeping up with the younger members was absolutely no problem. Thank you, Carol, for your efforts keeping me in good physical condition.  Carol Thornburgh

Colleen, by Stephanie R.

29 March, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

Colleen Fisher’s Boot Camp class was exactly what I was looking for to get a full circuit training exercise experience that includes cardio and weight-training.   The small class instruction is almost like 1:1 personal training but with the energy of your work out partners to keep you energized.  I can’t say enough about Colleen’s ability to create a fun environment full of positive praise of what you are doing right and motivating you to push yourself to the next level.  If you are looking for a smaller class size with a more individual attention with modifications for every fitness level, give it a try!

Gavin by Amber L.

20 January, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Can't praise Gavin enough, seriously. When I started with him, it was either pain killers every single day for my knees or probable knee surgery. We just moved into a two story house and I could barely make it up and down the stairs - it was so bad we were considering finding a one story which was a horrific thought to have to move everything again.

I'm out hiking all the time now, no problems with stairs, very little pain and no painkillers whatsoever. Gavin said yesterday during our session how much I've improved and he can't wait until I'm jumping and running so he can throw stuff at me. I haven't even entertained the idea of running and jumping in years so that really stuck with me... it's pretty exciting stuff. I feel stronger than I have in a decade.

Gale Wetmore, my first ever personal trainer! by R.H.

03 June, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

Based on my success with you as my first ever personal trainer, at almost age 66, and my experiences as one of the older baby boomers, I firmly believe that there are many more like me out there who would be similarly thrilled and relieved to become involved in a similar program. I ended up in personal training only because when I did the personal fitness assessment, I was shocked, and frankly scared, at how far out of shape I was, not to mention my deep concern that without help, I would not know how to use all the equipment and might end up going nowhere.

Working with you, I have not only begun to improve my core strength, a concept about which I previously unaware, but also I appreciate your working with me with where I am starting, out of shape, injured knee, etc, identifying muscle groups large and small that need recognition and movement, kind of like physical therapy for all parts of the body. All of this will be so valuable to folks such as I, hoping to live a healthy and active later phase of life. I know I will get there, one step at a time. And I am confident that there are many more out there in situations like to mine, but who similarly have no clue how much they need this type of help and how and where to get it.

Thanks, Gale,  for all your help to date. I'm amazed at the positive difference it is making already.

Michael H. by Jodi S.

21 January, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

I am having a great time!

Michael my trainer is great! He is working around my knee injuries and everything feels better when I leave than when I arrived. This was a fear of mine to make the investment in a membership and a trainer and end up feeling worse. But that has not been the case.