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Kat by Anita R.

20 October, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Catherine (Kat) Polo is quite simply a GREAT trainer. She is always prepared, focused and ready to challenge me. She pays very careful attention to form, reminding me that doing it quickly isn’t what’s important; getting the form right is what matters. She considers any injuries or chronic conditions, giving me confidence that she will “do no harm.” Variety is assured; while some “exercises” are repeated, you won’t get bored! She has a great sense of humor and makes working out fun. But you will do work; I am tired when I am done; and if I am sore the next day, I know the new exercise really did “work.” Tell her your goals and then do what she says, and you will see the results, whether it is increased strength, flexibility or endurance you want, or all three!