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Michael Hauser by Kitty Garrett

03 October, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

Joining Island Fitness and working with trainer Michael Hauser has changed my life. I was very shy about using the gym, and uncomfortable and completely ignorant about what to do there. Michael “just two more” Hauser is patient and supportive and very knowledgeable. He put me at my ease and addressed my exact fitness goals with humor and skill. He tailored a program to me, and is always working to help me make progress. Michael “I think that was only 8” Hauser repeatedly reviewed how to use the weights/machines safely to avoid injury. Island fitness gym is a friendly place where you can extend your life and the quality of that life. They have not commented at all on my struggles with correct fitness clothing and always greet you at the front desk with an encouraging smile (do those cheerful early morning desk people sleep at the gym?). With Michael “can you feel that?” Hauser’s help, I am stronger and very happy to be getting better all the time. One tip: if someone at the gym ever asks you if you can “feel that”, ALWAYS say yes.