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Jordan Wagner's Pilates Mat class

03 August, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

I was having back issues, feeling pain in my lower back. I knew I needed to strengthen my core! I took Jordan’s Pilates Mat class and now I’m hooked! You don’t know you need it until you try it. ~ Jenn C.

Jordan’s Pilates Class tunes up and strengthens my almost 70 year old body. I’m grateful and hope I can continue for years to come. ~ Bobbie M.

Excellent class…seamless. Jordan is very prepared and competent.  One of the best classes at Island Fitness. ~ Jane S.

Good class – I like the pace. It’s “relaxing” but an excellent workout. ~ Jeanne S.

I really appreciate the pace and strength for core practice of Jordan’s Mat Pilates class. Please continue. ~ Ellen W.

Jordan teaches a great Pilates Mat class – very precise and controlled with gentle guidance. Jordan is my third Pilates teacher and I highly recommend him. ~ Christine S.

I’m enjoying Jordan’s Pilates Mat class, the design of the movements and the relaxing atmosphere. ~ Judy R.

Jordan’s Pilates mat class is well-run and the pace works for me, a senior. ~Stephanie
Perfect. Classic. Jordan’s Pilates mat class is serene, calm, slower paced and not too many props. Couldn’t do a better job of presenting classic Pilates. It never feels stressful or competitive. It’s a super class and one of my favorites. ~ Anonymus