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Island Fitness Staff by Clancy J.

18 July, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

I joined Island Fitness a few months ago, and have been glowing every time I’ve worked out — especially afterwards. As a teenager, I had tried to work out at a gym but experienced the whole thing as tedious and boring. Since that time, I’ve avoided any fitness centers.

Before I joined, I kept meeting people on Bainbridge Island who love Island Fitness and seeing their success made me say, Okay, I’m giving this a try.

In the past, knee problems discouraged me yet I knew weight loss would help my knee. I felt caught in an unworkable cycle — it hurt too much to work out! But, when I signed up for a one-year membership at Island Fitness, I was given three sessions with an expert in Ortho-Kinetics.

I knew I’d have to face my weakness and fears, and change the various ways I’ve tried to exercise without hurting my knee further.  My trainer Carol helped me strengthen my knees through Ortho-Kinetics  and now I can walk quickly on the treadmill for twice as long and one-third faster from when I first arrived!

At first, I was shocked by the level of support I received and continue to receive. I now see that Island Fitness is not just the place I work out, it’s the place I get emboldened to stick with what’s working. Every staff member has been supportive from day one. I continue to feel encouraged, whether by the people behind the desk when you arrive, or other folks that work here.

The Island Fitness program for new members called “Blast Off” is awesome. When a person first joins, they are given a punch card and for every seven visits, they earn a prize. This applies for the first 6 weeks of membership. I found this reward technique to be so USEFUL for me. I jumped right in from day one and wanted to EARN these increasingly valuable prizes! Don’t think I’m nuts, but this little game helped me get through the biggest barrier of just walking through the door. I am here for my health, but earning a prize every week really inspired me, and some of the prizes I’ve won are super valuable. Since my first 6 weeks, I learned that I was one of the first members in history to have completed it!

My biggest reward for joining the gym is that my knee is getting better. Before Island Fitness, I could never imagine walking three-and-a-half miles on a treadmill. Now I can! I know this is just the beginning.

In addition, my mood has lifted noticeably and I’ve lost 40 pounds (thanks to my healthy nutrition program)! I really feel better. I’ve always heard exercise boosts endorphins but I didn’t believe it. Now I do!

If anyone is afraid to join because they don’t feel fit enough, they should know that Island Fitness guides you to meet your goals in ways that worked for you. They help you discover safe ways that push you but don’t push too fast or too hard. No matter where you are in your goals or physical challenges, Island Fitness staff meet you where you are! They welcome everyone!