Working Out Together

06 February, 2017

by Dr. Jennifer Manlowe of EmboldenU, author and certified accomplishment coach

In mid-January, I met with Heidi, Tracy and Lisa - three members of Island Fitness - to learn how each young mother achieved her fitness goals. I asked each one, “What brought you to Island Fitness? How do you achieve success?”

“It’s easier together!”

All three women gave me the impression that working out at any health facility has been something they’ve done in the past or have aspired to do with the best intentions.

Heidi said, a little embarrassed, “I bet I’ve joined four gyms in my life with the intention of getting in shape but just couldn’t get myself to go.” She laughed and went on to say, “My only interaction with each place was paying my monthly dues.”

Heidi let me know that it was Tracy that pulled her out and into Island Fitness and it was Tracy that introduced her to Lisa. With a smile of gratitude, Heidi said, “Now the three of us workout here together and, if we have time, we go out for coffee afterwards.”

Tracy told me that working out on her own was much more difficult even though she is a high energy person who loves staying fit. She said, “Getting Lisa and Heidi to come with me makes it more likely that we will all show up. We each help each other get here. If anyone of us starts making excuses, we’ll say, Get your butt over here!”

Lisa said, “My goals, when I first joined Island Fitness, were to have a good, local place to workout and to get back into shape.” Like Heidi, Lisa is a fairly recent member of Island Fitness. Lisa told me, “We are a military family and every new move has me looking for a new gym.” She went on to say, “I moved here from Florida and wasn't getting out enough. I was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful the Island Fitness staff was.”
Tracy urged Lisa to take advantage of the new member benefits. Every new member is given guidance on how to get the most out of joining. With an annual membership, they receive, at no charge:
  • Three one-hour Ortho-Kinetics assessment sessions with a trainer (normally $119 plus tax)
  • A half-hour session with a nutrition coach (normally $45 plus tax)
  • A one-hour equipment orientation with a trainer (value $60 plus tax)
I’ve learned that not every member takes advantage of these free offerings upon joining the gym but it’s never too late to make an appointment.

Because of getting steered on the right path, Lisa says she knew how to maximize her own workouts. But, getting to Island Fitness can still be tough. She told me, “To have workout partners helps me stay motivated and accountable to actually be there. We support each other and (sometimes) suffer through the pain together and we feel great in the end.”

“It hasn't really changed my initial goal for joining Island Fitness but these friends definitely make it easier to get here and more fun.”
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