Michael is a U.S. Army veteran who after leaving the military had his own challenges with health and fitness. Because of this he enjoys working with people who have their own difficulties, be it mobility, ability or simply not wanting to be in the gym. 

Over the years Michael has climbed rocks, dangled from helicopters, crawled thru mud, swam in the ocean, discussed religion and politics with complete strangers (and friends), read varied books, kayaked on rivers and oceans, run bulldozers, counting cross stitched, crocheted.....and even walked down dark streets by himself. He is not afraid of a challenge but has a healthy respect for snakes. Michael has also worked with a wide breadth of people such as stay at home moms & dads, engineers, lawyers, musicians, artists, psychologists and others of diverse backgrounds. He can find common ground and communicate with almost anyone.

In his time with Island Fitness he has helped people tackle obstacles that they thought were impossible; in some cases just picking a pen up off the floor, to being willing to walk through the door. Michael prides himself on helping his clients walk out of the door feeling better than when they walked in, although they will be physically challenged and a bit more sweaty.

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  • Ortho-KineticsĀ® Professional Trainer


  • Certified EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist

  • AED/CPR Certified