owner | business manager

A life-long adventurer who enjoys exploring his physical limits, Michael enjoys outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, climbing and skiing and enjoys them most with his family. Understanding the challenges people have in finding time to exercise, Michael and Alexa built Island Fitness around the concept that exercise can be innovative, motivating and fun!

Michael spent 20 years as a commercial crab fisherman working out of Dutch Harbor in the Western Aleutians and Bering Sea. As captain he learned management skills under challenging conditions and still will take an occasional trip as the opportunities arise. He has joked that running a crab boat is easier than running a service business!

Michael is an eternal optimist, committed to excellence, with a love of cooking and gardening. His optimism can be measured by the number of tomato plants he sets each year and the hobbies he takes up such as raising honey bees.

Michael and Alexa are raising 3 boys ranging in age from 14 to 24 years old and love calling Bainbridge Island home.