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Club-Wide Cardio Challenge

Join us for a change of heart! We know that different people need different types of support. Some people do best with group coaching, while others may prefer one-on-one coaching, group classes, and/or a workout buddy. Generally, we can all benefit from some type of accountability to help us make long-term lifestyle changes. Think about what type of support has helped you be successful in the past. How will you apply that to changing your cardio future?

On Monday, September 16th, you're invited to step up your cardio game! Our Cardio Challenge will give you incentive to work on your breathing, focus on self-care, and make your heart health a priority. Stay tuned as we bring you articles in upcoming newsletters to help you find the cardio exercises you'll enjoy most and be most likely to stick to. Cardio exercise goes beyond keeping your heart and lungs healthy. It's also a secret ingredient to increasing your calorie burn and reducing stubborn belly fat.

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