We are proud to offer you our new Ortho-Kinetics® Fitness Assessment as an extraordinary foundation for your experience her‍‍‍e. This assessment is the most advanced assessment in the industry and will give you a customized prescription for achieving any fitness goal. 

The assessment com‍‍‍prises 3 one-hour private sessions with an Ortho-Kinetics® professional trainer in which the following components are addressed: Fitness Goals, Posture, Joint & Muscle Development, Movement Patterns, & Customized Exercise Plan, all of this can be yours for just $195!


+ What is Ortho-Kinetics®?

Ortho-Kinetics® is a proprietary fitness assessment, training, and treatment program developed over the last 30 years by world-renowned fitness pioneer, Everett Aaberg. The program was born of Everett’s desire to create a certification program for personal trainers that required both a rigorous education in human bio-mechanics and practical, hands-on experience in customizing fitness programs for clients.

Most people don’t realize that the majority of personal training certifications require almost no experience outside the classroom, and the most popular certifications can be obtained entirely online. To be certified in Ortho-Kinetics®, a trainer must undergo at least 500 formal training hours and rigorous in-person, practical testing.

The central premise of the Ortho-Kinetics® method is the integration of a deep analysis of each client’s unique body into his or her exercise plan.

The Ortho-Kinetics® method begins with a 3-hour assessment (broken into 3 sessions) that tests your posture, available range of motion, muscular development, and current movement patterns. The assessment culminates in a report that your Ortho-Kinetics® professional trainer explains to you in practical terms that you can use in further personal training or any other fitness activity.

+ Why does the assessment take 3 hours?

The first hour of the assessment is comprised of a postural, joint, and muscular analysis. The second hour includes a movement pattern assessment based on the results of the first analysis. The third hour is comprised of a detailed explanation of the results of your assessment, and a customized program based on your fitness goals.

+ What will I be doing in the assessment?

During the assessment, your professional trainer will first ask you about your fitness goals. What do you really want to gain from this experience? After you describe your goals, you will be guided through various positions and complete some simple movements. For certain tests, your trainer may help you get into position or make minor manipulations to determine range of motion. The last portion of your assessment will be comprised of a detailed analysis of your unique starting point, and recommendations on how to integrate this information into your fitness plans to get maximum results.

You will not be asked to see how many push ups you can do, hold a plank, or any of the other “functional” tests that are commonly performed by personal trainers who are not Ortho-Kinetics® certified.

+ If I sign up for an assessment, do I have to sign up for professional training? Will I be pressured to sign up for professional training?

No, you do not need to sign up for professional training, nor will you be pressured to sign up for it. While we believe wholeheartedly in the extraordinary value of time spent with our Ortho-Kinetics® professional trainers, we realize that it’s not for everyone. If you simply want to use your assessment to dramatically improve your experience in group fitness, sports, or independent workouts here or elsewhere, we will help you do just that.

+ I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last several years. Nothing seems to be sustainable. How is Ortho-Kinetics® different?

The primary reason people tend to gain weight as they age is loss of muscle tissue. Long-term resistance training is key to increasing metabolism and sustaining weight loss. An Ortho-Kinetics® assessment and a customized training program can help you gain strength in areas where you need it most and make more fitness activities available to you. As you gain strength, you gain muscle, you burn fat, you feel better, and you look better! Not only that, but with an Ortho-Kinetics® plan you can be assured that you will not suffer weight loss setbacks due to a fitness injury.

+ I have knee/back/shoulder pain that stops me from breaking a sweat in my workouts. Can Ortho-Kinetics® help me get more out of my time at Island Fitness?

Yes! Many people suffer from chronic pain that limits their fitness activities. Maybe you’ve had a shoulder injury so you avoid all exercises involving the shoulder and arms. Perhaps your back is chronically out of whack so you shy away from back and ab exercises. An Ortho-Kinetics® assessment can help identify the ways in which you can safely strengthen vulnerable areas so that you can increase your fitness activity and get sweating again! Our assessment can also be used by your physical therapist or doctor to help them better understand your issues.

+ I just want to get ripped. Why would I need to go through a detailed assessment before getting into a personal training regimen?

Getting “ripped” is all about time under tension. It’s about repeatedly stressing your muscle so that it grows. Every time you stress a muscle, you are stretching something else and putting pressure on a joint. That stress, stretch, and pressure can add up to injury if you are not adapting exercises to address your particular biases. And yes, everyone has biases. Sometimes they don’t appear until you are at your upper limit of resistance, and this is when an Ortho-Kinetics® professional trainer can help you adjust your form or prepare your muscles for a breakthrough.

+ How can Ortho-Kinetics® help me with Pilates/Yoga/TRX/other group fitness classes?

Your Ortho-Kinetics® assessment can help you adapt your group fitness classes to both avoid injury and improve performance. For example, if our assessment shows that you have a left/right imbalance, we may coach you to work more or differently on the weak area. Correcting imbalances will help you get a better workout and allow you to progress in the fitness activities you enjoy. Checking in with one of our Ortho-Kinetics® professional trainers on a regular basis, whether it’s once a year, twice a year, quarterly, etc., can help you continue to make the most of your group fitness classes.

+ I’ve never had personal training before because it seems too expensive. What are the costs like for personal training?

Our Ortho-Kinetics® professional trainers charge from $65 hourly. While we believe in the extreme value of every personal training hour, working out exclusively with a trainer is cost prohibitive for most clients. One popular option is to use one or two personal training sessions to completely customize an independent workout plan. During the sessions, your trainer will use your assessment data to coach you on the appropriate form for you for each exercise. When you’ve cycled through several weeks with the custom workout, you can book another session or two. We can work with any budget, any schedule.

+ How does Ortho-Kinetics® compare to something like Functional Movement Training?

Like many other personal training programs, Functional Movement includes a sports-oriented assessment. The tests tend to be more pass/fail than diagnostic, so the programs that come from this type of assessment are more generic. Ortho-Kinetics® addresses the unique source of limited or imbalanced movement patterns on a joint-by-joint, muscle-by-muscle, bone-by-bone basis. There simply is no comparison in terms of data for customizing a workout.

+ How does training with an Ortho-Kinetics® trainer compare with Crossfit?

Ortho-Kinetics® training can serve as an amazing alternative to Crossfit or custom support for your ongoing Crossfit workouts. Naturally, we’re partial to the personalized programs designed by our professional trainers, but we recognize how compelling Crossfit workouts are, too. One of the fantastic features of the Ortho-Kinetics® assessment is that it can provide critical information to help you in any kind of physical activity. If you’ve felt challenged with certain exercises, your Ortho-Kinetics® assessment can empower you to adapt movements to your specific needs so you can achieve maximum results. If you love Crossfit, we’d love to help make the workout of the day really yours with Ortho-Kinetics®.

+ How can an Ortho-Kinetics® assessment help with my massage apointments?

If you are already a massage client at Island Fitness, you know that our experienced therapists offer a fabulous array of massage options including Swedish, deep tissue, sports therapy, maternity, chair, and even fully clothed table work. You probably also know that we’re one of the only therapist teams to offer real 60-minute “hour” massages. And if you are new to all this info, we’re glad you know now!

To answer the question: An Ortho-Kinetics® assessment can make your massage even better by providing your therapist with a detailed analysis of ongoing muscular and joint needs. All of our therapists are trained to interpret the assessments, and most have recently completed the rigorous Ortho-Kinetics® certification program. This means that they are the bee’s knees when it comes to muscle activation and recovery!

I already have a cardio and weight training circuit I like to do at the club. How would an assessment benefit me?

Your assessment would provide you with critical information to customize your form on weight training equipment in particular. Subtle adjustments to form can make a huge difference in results. We recommend booking one or two professional training sessions after the assessment to review your routine in detail and make adjustments for your individual needs. It will be the best investment you make in your fitness plan all year.

+ I already have a cardio and weight training circuit I like to do at the club. How would an assessment benefit me?

Your assessment would provide you with critical information to customize your form on weight training equipment in particular. Subtle adjustments to form can make a huge difference in results. We recommend booking one or two professional training sessions after the assessment to review your routine in detail and make adjustments for your individual needs. It will be the best investment you make in your fitness plan all year.

+ I love to play basketball/golf/tennis/soccer/football/baseball but I tend to get injured. How could Ortho-Kinetics® help me prevent injury? Can it help me improve performance?

The repetitive, biased motion of most sports can exacerbate inherent imbalances and weaknesses. Over time, exacerbation gives way to injury. The Ortho-Kinetics® assessment can help us diagnose your specific biases and weaknesses, and develop a prescription for strengthening and aligning those areas of your body. This prescription can not only help you prevent injury, it can help you achieve the breakthrough in performance you’ve always wanted.

+ I think I’d like to try personal training but I’m not sure who I should train with. Could I book appointments with more than one trainer?

Our Ortho-Kinetics® professional trainers each have unique backgrounds and specialities, so it may make sense to train with more than one trainer. Your assessment file will follow you in all your workouts to ensure you are always receiving the most personalized plan possible. Our trainers are supportive of each other, and especially of your success, so don’t be shy about asking for what you want!

Contact Gavin DeWitt for help in selecting the perfect personal trainer, or combination of trainers, for you.

+ I loved the information I received from my assessment, and have a good plan in place for working out on my own. How often should I be re-assessed?

The trainer who conducts your assessment will give you some guidance on what to watch for as you use your custom plan to maximize your workouts. In time, you will notice significant differences in the way you feel while you move your body. As these changes occur, periodic, short reassessments (one professional training hour) will help you stay challenged.

+ I’m already training with a trainer at Island Fitness. Do I have to have an assessment before I can continue?

The short answer is yes. This assessment pays for itself immediately in terms of making the most of your professional training sessions. However, if you have extenuating issues, talk to your professional trainer about ways in which the assessment can be worked into your existing sessions.




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