Club Policies

Guest Policy

Guests are always welcome at Island Fitness. You may purchase a day pass for your guest at $15 per guest. When you bring a guest, please check in at the front desk to sign a release form and pay the appropriate guest fee. (Guests under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian signs the form.) If your guest is a resident of Kitsap County, and this is his/her first visit to Island Fitness, then the visit is free. If your guest is considering membership, have them speak with a Membership Coordinator to set up a trial. 

Membership Hold Policy

Island Fitness memberships may be frozen to accommodate members who travel or have a medical disability. Your freeze request will be processed when we receive your completed Membership Freeze form. Your membership must be in good standing with all current fees paid. No memberships will be frozen retroactively.

Only annual memberships are eligible for freeze privileges. A membership may be frozen for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 6 months. Membership Freeze Dues are $15/month and are billed to the membership account in lieu of monthly dues. If you choose to return to the club earlier than initially stated, you may pay a drop-in fee of $15 per visit for the balance of the freeze term.


Membership Parking Policy 

Island Fitness has two parking lots with plenty of dedicated parking places for the sole use of our members. There is also parking available near Island Fitness on Winslow Way. In addition, the parking lots at City Hall and the BPA Playhouse can be used during non-business and non-performance hours.

Upon joining, you will receive a parking permit sticker with a number and expiration date. Please affix the sticker to the driver’s side interior of your front windshield. The permit allows you to park in the designated Island Fitness parking lots while you are using the facility, i.e.: please only use the lot when you are working out at Island Fitness.

Membership ID/Swipe Cards

Upon joining Island Fitness, you will be issued a Membership ID/Swipe card and your picture will be taken for your electronic membership file. Please swipe your card each time you enter the fitness center. For your convenience, your card has a hole in the corner for attaching to your key chain. Alternatively, you may file your card in the file box provided at the front desk.

Your Membership ID/Swipe card is for your sole use. We will confiscate a card if it is used by anyone other than its owner. If you lose your card, Island Fitness will charge you a $5 fee to replace it. The Membership ID/Swipe Card is the property of Island Fitness. If you terminate or cancel your membership, you must return the card to Island Fitness.


Studio / Class Guidelines

Some friendly tips for safety and etiquette in studios. Please observe these guidelines.

General Studio Use:

  • Please do not enter the studios without permission.
  • Please allow several minutes for the preceding class or training session to exit prior to entering the studio.
  • Please address any temperature and ventilation concerns with the instructor or trainer.
  • Please arrive on time to your session or class.

General Group Fitness:

  • If you are new to class, please arrive 5 minutes early and inform the instructor so they can help you prepare.
  • Please arrive on time. Late arrivals are discourteous and may not be accommodated
  • Please refrain from disruptive unrelated conversation during class
  • Please allow several minutes for the preceding class to exit prior to entering the studio
  • Please do not adjust the thermostat, stereo or fans. The in­structor will take care of that.
  • If you want to critique the class, please do so privately with the instructor.

Cycling Class / Studio:

  • If you are new to cycling, please arrive 5 minutes before the start of class to get fitted.
  • Cycling is strenuous, please remember to bring water and a towel to class
  • Please be considerate of previous and following classes by not entering a class in progress or hovering at the entrance.
  • Please make sure to thoroughly wipe down your bike after class. This is not only hygienic, it will help preserve the equip­ment.
  • Please report any problems you have with your bike to the instructor.

24-hour Cancellation Policy

Island Fitness requires a 24-hour notice of cancellation for all appointments scheduled with any Fitness Services Professional. The cancellation policy sates that all scheduled sessions missed for any reason will be billed at full cost to CLIENT unless a proper cancellation has been made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session.  Cancellations must be communicated directly to the Trainer, Therapist or Coach via the Professional's Island Fitness email account. No refunds or credits will be given on any session automatically billed to the CLIENT for late cancellations unless deemed appropriate by Island Fitness for extenuating circumstances. Cancellation Policy applies to complimentary sessions as well.