Our System

Our System

It’s All About You

When it comes to fitness we know you have particular needs, frustrations and preferences.  One reason for our high client success rate is that we turn each member’s distinctiveness into a training advantage.  Island Fitness Professional Trainers are masters at creating specialized workouts that align with your personality as well as help you reach your physiological and bio-mechanical needs and goals.  It’s a motivating and effective approach that helps you see the aesthetic and performance results you desire in the shortest possible time.

Ortho-Kinetics® (“Correct Movement”) is the brand name representing a new entity that has emerged in the fitness, athletic and rehab realms. Developed through the Ortho-Kinetics® Institute founded by Everett Aaberg and based at the TELOS Fitness Center in Dallas, the Institute produces Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers and Therapists who are the most extensively trained Professional Trainers in the fitness industry.  These professionals are uniquely equipped to assess, train, treat and continue rehab for people of all ages, and athletes at all levels that may be hampered with injuries, limited movement abilities, back and joint problems, or simply have struggle to reach their desired level of fitness or performance. Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers and Therapists are trained to work synergistically with other Professional Health Practitioners, Surgeons, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors to provide a variety of specialized training and therapeutic services to complement other modalities.

In 2013 Island Fitness Trainers embarked on a year-long educational journey to become Ortho-Kinetics® certified trainers.


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